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The seeker’s code by Donny Epstein

In this book you will intimately discover the energetics that create and manifest all aspects of your life. You will go beyond yourself, the physical and cultural reality. Get the book, read it and experience the transmission that happens in the space between every letter and word! This book has been creating so many unreasonable connections with people, many opportunities to start intriguing conversations with “strangers”. You must experience the magic it shares!

“Tick Tick Tick… This book will help you answer that calling for MORE Unreasonable and Extraordinary in at least one area of your life. It will help you understand the nature of reality and guide you through exercises to learn how to experience and engage with the energies of creation. The content, context, and transmission will help you be able to make the biggest jump of your life and be more of the change that you and humanity requires. Finaly, you will know what’s really behind the curtain, what’s really running this show called life. Through the discernments experienced here, you will discover just how you can effortlessly and instantaneously do that. The Seeker’s Code will be your access to the Unreasonable and Extraordinary.”


We honor and celebrate the sacred nature of life and wish to spread its magic.

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