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It’s a kind of magic

Do you consider magic to be part of the natural flow in life?

The homepage of this website starts with this:

We live on a blue marbled planet that spins on its axis while at the same time revolving around a dazzling ball of fire. We experience an enormous rock in our orbit as an inexhaustible gravitational pull moving the tides in our oceans. The same forces that phenomenally organise the universe, also organise us. We are all made of the same primal dust, the stardust of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. How can we ever doubt the miraculous nature of life

What’s the purpose of this post?

It was written to challenge and shake up the dusty old belief that one single linearly happening reality is all that exists. Marissa Ericson does exactly this in such a unique way. Here, you will get a glimpse into her world.

At the end of this post you will find a rejuvenating variety of extraordinary resources that share something very rich in common: they create, share and amplify magical experiences, tools and strategies that have the power to constructively influence the “you” who looks at life in every single moment. That observation alters reality. When you realise it, you will be mesmerised by how much you influence the flow of your own life and how much you impact others with it.

What probabilities do you choose to play with?


I don’t believe in magic, I count on it! 

The ordinary, the linear, or perhaps the reasonable? How about engaging more with the extraordinary, the non-linear, and the unreasonable?

Magic? Hmmm…What about: “Life’s natural blissful flow reveals itself in every single moment. A luminescent treasure beyond comprehension. You are and everything is a dazzling reflection of the glorious stream…”?

When you decide that you want to have the expression of magic hanging on your wall and allow its humble sparkles to glimmer in your room, remember this collection was created for you!

Let me introduce you to Marissa Ericson

She is an extraordinary person with a host of experience and achievements in neuroscience. A probably lesser known and more mysterious thing about her is that she calls herself a Custodian of a story. As such, she was a portal that gave birth to a magical novel. The first time that I read a few lines from it, I instantly knew that her poetic leap of faith engages the outrageously abundant probability waves and directs them to the surface of a book as the manifestation of a collection of what’s possible in the holographic spaceless place.  She decomposes reality in a breathtaking way and then recomposes it with several twists. She makes me remember the future more and more, and inspires me to be more, to live more and contribute more. The impact of her book has already been huge and its not even published yet!

Let yourself have a sensational imaginary experience of the unbound space between her glaringly crystalized words.

a random page from the book (does random even exist?)

another one

another excerpt from the novel

“Let’s just pretend that we are dreaming the dream of this experience—that the consciousness is that you and I are the dreaming of the dream. We are the action of what we think is a solid place. We are the activity of making it what it is. We are dreaming the dreaming.”

Marissa’s work is incredibly indescribable, isnt’t it? 

Links that lead to a variety of resourceful resources

Until Marissa’s book is published, you can read the selected excerpts and let yourself be enchanted by all the possibilities that she presents.

Here is the link to the selected excerpts.

“When there is a phasic shift, the entire probabilistic span of the field shifts like a split-flap display: A Tickering.”

Link to the Tickering
Link to EpiEnergetics

I absolutely recommend EpiEnergetics. All of these events are revolutionary and will shake your world! Experience the extraordinary! “Your available energy, more than anything else, manifests your emotions, thoughts, actions — essentially everything possible in your life and those your life impacts. Through the application of EpiEnergetics you will be able to access energy, and the wisdom that organizes it, to create a vital body/mind/spirit and vibrant life.”

For free resources here is another link.  Join the community now!

Join the club! It’s worth being part of something bigger than you! You will find fantastic people, ideas and solutions. A vibrant community eager to be the change this world needs.

Be part of the solution! Check out this link as well, and take part in this extraordinary opportunity by clicking  here!

Link to Activate Humanity
Link to Resonance Academy

The unified science course offers a huge source of seductive knowledge and an amazing community. It’s dedicated to the exploration and application of a connected universe worldview through alignment with the unified field. It’s also dedicated to advancing and empowering the growing learning community to accelerate and optimize both the individual and collective impact.

Become a member and join the community here.

I love this guy! He talks about actual hot topics. He says out loud what needs to be said, while adding humour and levity to it. He represents diversity and adds variety to the common narrative thread. He creates curiosity that allows us to question everything.

Link to Russel Brand's Youtube channel
Link to Zach Bush

Words from Zach. No explanation is necessary.  This speaks for itself: “When you find your way into stillness, you will also find your way into your distinct crystalline structure and into a resonance state that is you. That resonance state can become your North Star. Once you start resonating and feeling that joy rising up, then seek someone to reflect back to you what they see. Otherwise, your human mind and ego may begin to doubt. When you allow the opportunity for somebody else to see the beauty of a simple smile start to spread across your face, they’ll function as your mirror, showing you how beautiful you are in that moment.”

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