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Beatrix (simply called Bri) is a multi-disciplinary visionary based in Tuscany, Italy. Following her life experiences and service there is an insatiable passion and fascination to discover and innovate what is possible beyond the physical realm of life. Energized and purposeful living and serving are integrated values of her life.

Married with two teens and a visual career as a designer, photographer and artist, influenced the ignition of the collective experiences from the vast contrast of unfulfilled potential and passionately living life filled with intimacy, vision and purpose.

As time passes, her passion for quantum physics, sacred geometry, art, human consciousness, technology, unique group experiences, helping create collaborative spaces, travelling, adventures with family, friends and clients, flash-mob dancing grows stronger and stronger.

The conscious awareness and the claiming gives us access to the natural flow of the invisible forces. We are all active participants in the synchronistic stream of  life. The seemingly impossible ignites our collaborative field. Collectively coming together, and guided by forces bigger than us, is what transcends life; magically impacting the world. This is an invitation for you to explore what’s possible beyond the hallucination of conditioning! Bri is looking forward to welcoming you on board of the (r)evolutionary ride! 

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