My way of messing with the guidance

What would happen if you deviated from the cultural script and instead of hiding the seemingly broken parts you simply exposed them to the light all at once? Would that make you become a kaleidoscopic masterpiece right away? Would that focus serve much more than simply trying to cover all the broken pieces one by one in an attempt to fit them into something that might not even work?

What would happen if you deviated from the cultural script and instead of hiding the broken parts you simply exposed them to the light all at once?

I know from experience how much wasted energy, focus, time and money went into covering up many things that were responding to my perception and interpretation of how to fit into societys norms as a descent citizen and woman. If you’re curious to find out more about my way of messing it up, here it is:

The script I was subscribing to and was engaging with based on the available energy was only enough for playing small. That energy and participation allowed me to believe stories and thoughts like: 

-To be the same, I have to perform like others and behave like others. Be the same with totally muted emotions. 

-Expressing a different voice is not even a choice.

-Feeling like having huge potential, but not really living it.

-As a woman I have to look like certain way, as well as behave in a certain way.

-Change takes a long time.

-I am never confident enough. 

-A womans life declines after the age of 40, grey hair equals being old.
-Intimate relationships decline after a long period of time.

-Not even mentioning all the stories I was telling myself about business and especially about finance and money. 

Then the threads connected me to Donny Epstein and I started AlchemE together with my fellow crazy seekers who innately knew there was so much more in life than what we were aware of! In that uncertainty, we chose to be part of something bigger than us and we knew that it didnt make sense at all and at the same time we had the “knowingness” that it was right! 

I discovered that all these beliefs and thoughts were responding to lower energy states as well as to scripts that I didnt even know existed. I was replaying them over and over again. Until I got really pissed with playing them repeatedly and started to ask: what is really going on here? Then I became aware of my participation with the previously invisible lists and all of a sudden the bullshit constructs based on safety and my big drug = comfort to repeat the habitual were exposed to the light! Those were obscenely humorous moments that revealed a game where nobody could win.

The living breathing experience of AlchemE, the love and presence that its family has brought, as well as Donnys mensch-ness, direction and insane standard changed everything. Not only for me and my family, but for the communities I take part in, for all the amazing clients, friends, connections and who knows for how many more.

Your script might tell you different stories and thoughts in different areas of your life. The energetics organising them might be in the same range as mine once were.

None of what was mentioned before is relevant now. Everything is wilder today, more humble, more collaborative. Its bigger, so much beyond me. Its a more resourceful game and it has such a force of attractions. Its more risky, there is a lot more discomfort, a lot more responsibility and this is fueling everything even more! In this illuminated bold adventure, I will do everything thats needed and I will do everything in whatever way I can to help you to experience much more as well! I know what it’s like to be part of and collaborate with something so much bigger and what it means to be intoxicated with love, passion and unreasonable magic! If you are curious, you know there is more, and if you are much more committed to the new than to the habitual then its very simple! The simplicity of it fucks with the minds addiction to effort and also with the illusion of who you think you are! 🙂 

Its an invitation for you to join AlchemE as well as an invite for you to explore much more with me as a being, as a friend, as a woman, as a mentor, as a business collaborator, as an artist. You choose the way, Im available! Reach out!

Love, Bri

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