Intimacy - Relationships

Do you have relationships, but no intimacy? Or are you pretty darn good at intimacy, but it doesnt seem to be lasting and sustainable? There are only a certain number of years on Earth to create and live extraordinary co-experiences and relationships. Do you want to create and live vibrantly alive dynamics with loved ones, family, co-workers, business environment, friends or acquaintances?  In life there persists only what you tolerate. Whats the cost of tolerating anything that creates sadness, polarity, resignation, shame or guilt? Especially in the the most meaningful environment?

Change is available at any time in any kind of circumstances. It all starts in the field between you and other people. Whether you want an intimate union with your loved one, a more nurturing relationship with your family, or synergetic co-operation with your team and the people you work with, youve just found the space that makes it possible. What would it be like to wake up to new vitalising possibilities  every morning and tangibly living them throuout the day? To create the legacy of “the love affair with life”? AlchemE mentor® sessions will help you witness any kind of relationship grow and blossom effortlessly, opening to welcoming new realities.

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