Health / Body sense

Many people ask me what’s the key to a healthy body and a healthy way of relating to their body. First, is there a wall? If there is no wall, there is no door. You don’t you need a key.

Our bodies are communities of 37 trillion cells masterfully orchestrated by invisible forces relentlessly working and serving day and night. It doesn’t even require a conscious participation.

When you experience the invisible forces during your AlchemE mentor® sessions, not as a concept, as a real energetic experience, you will realise with the “real eyes” something new that changes the way you look at your connection to health and body sense and that changes everything.

You can read here the metaphor that describes all this in a such a fascinating way. The phase where the body and the body of humanity,  I and we collectively are at momentarily. Click here.

We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are!

This is what I need now!

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