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Different realities exist

The Field is Revolutionary

Everything is accelerated and will continue to be accelerated even more.  How many times do you shy away from opportunities only because you have beliefs like you just can’t, you can’t afford it, it’s not for you, or you are not good enough?

Are you familiar with the snooze back button on your alarm clock?  Do you use it frequently?  Do you keep getting the same results when you do? Maybe it’s broken? The button itself might not seem to be, but the system it promotes and fortifies definitely is!

What if you woke up and instantly jumped out of bed, fully recharged, ready to show up and make an impact?

At a certain point a great force created you in the image of the stars, the moon, the universe, and the center of your cells that beat the universal heartbeat.  This force decided that you are ready, and on a mission for a bigger purpose.     

Life offers many more gifts and opportunities than what your energetics and the conditioning allows you to see.  It’s time to see through the veils of the matrix!

Let’s do it together and let’s do it now!

The group interactives with Bri are PHENOMENAL! Honestly I love them more than the individual sessions! Everyone that participates benefits greatly! There is a very palpable team spirit! There are four participants in our group. Two of us knew each other previously and the other two joined us later. We were all relating to business, marketing, and sales in totally different ways. My difficulty was in marketing, and sales. I discovered that it was “me” that was in the way! For myself I personally fell in love with the possibilities that are available, and the impact that it has in other people’s lives. For the first time ever, I feel so invigorated in the morning that I can hardly wait to jump out of bed and start the day. I am so excited to co- create more! The sessions are under 90 minutes for the four of us. This means that each participant has approximately 20 minutes each. I would never have imagined how much I get from witnessing the other participants. It is a very engaging interactive. If you truly want something that is out of this world! A shared experience to have a much greater impact, far greater than you could have imagined, then this is definitely meant for you. – Alex

If you’ve done individual sessions with Bri, you are now invited to experience the group sessions too!  They are phenomenal! Their shared and interactive nature really help to crank up the volume on the true interconnected living.  You will access the opportunity with others to realize  that it was simply your way of using energy and information that made the matrix’s volume sound like a roar. When the energy you experience changes, it gives you access to a different information flow and you realize that in reality, all of a sudden it sounds like a mouses squeak, and you can shine so much light on that squeak that it instantly helps it reconnect to the synergetic sound in sync with the universe.

Invite two seekers, friends, colleagues who are ready for more and come experience what’s possible in the group sessions.  At least three people are required to be in one session.  Get ready, bring and invite as many people with you as possible.

Individual sessions are still available, packages also.  Group and team experiences are the new way of the individuals!  Done in person, live, on zoom!

Live Life Now and uplift other seekers together with you! Choose your experience TODAY !

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