We are preparing a Birthday SURPRISE for DONNY! Let’s get TOGETHER ALL AS ONE and show him how many lives he had an extraordinary impact on that keeps on sharing its ripples! You are invited to be part of the Blissful Worldwide Thread that Connects us All! Please, watch the SAMPLE video (36 seconds only :)! where Bri quickly explains how your video needs to look like and gives you a simple visual reference of it all. You will immediately have an idea of what we are up to! Fully enJoy creating your part in it!


Guidance - How to record your video

If you choose to be part of this playful large-scale surprise then please follow the guidelines:

  1. Get an A4 / letter size poster! It’s thicker than a sheet of paper. Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inch / 210 x 297 mm
  2. Write your message on the paper for Donny or draw something for him! It’s up to your creativity what you want to let him know. In the sample video the golden flowers symbolically represent that.
  3. Record yourself with your loved ones or alone in horizontal mode on your phone. Possibly put your phone on a tripod. You receive the cardboard from one side, you express your short B-day message. Only a few second video is needed!WE are so many and our collective presence is immensely powerful. – Then you hand the cardboard over to the other side . 

The cardboard needs to be positioned more or less half way vertically in the video. It needs to come in and go out of the screen on both sides with its white side towards the camera. Position yourself and your loved ones more or less in the middle of the screen from a distance where you can get the cardboard and give it without moving from one side to the other. In the video please turn your face towards the direction where you receive the cardboard from and towards the opposite direction when you hand it over to the next person :). That helps it look more natural and seamless. It’s gonna be part of a worldwide sequence! It’s so exciting!

Please watch the sample video above! That’s the example to playfully follow!

Send your video to bri.celebration@gmail.com either directly or via wetransfer.com / wesendit.com  UNTIL Nov 30 2022!

We are thrilled to prepare this together with You! In a private message send this link to everybody you know that would also love to be part of something bigger! Looking forward to your video! The sooner you send it, the better it is!

This page is available only through direct link, because remember it’s a large-scale SURPRISE

You still have


Last year's surprise

Here you can watch last year’s surprise again. It was a blast!  It was a collaborative creation of Therese Ach, Scott Freeman, Bri Boros and all of our amazing friends and photographers who shared their magnificent photos with us!